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8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Collier Township Municipal Authority’s Code Manual
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Three Rivers Wet Weather
The 3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program is committed to improving the quality of Allegheny County's water resources by helping communities address the issue of untreated sewage and stormwater overflowing into the region's waterways. To promote the most cost-effective, long-term, sustainable solutions, the nonprofit organization benchmarks sewer technology, provides financial grants, educates the public and advocates inter-municipal partnerships.
NIRA Consulting Engineers
NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a civil and environmental engineering firm established in 1975 in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. The founders Nick Stratakis and Ray Antonelli, Sr (NIRA) emphasized the quality of the firm’s work on every project from inception through completion. By maintaining our mid-sized firm status, that NIRA tradition continues today, allowing each project to have oversight by a company principal.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP)
The DEP is the state agency largely responsible for administering Pennsylvania's environmental laws and regulations.
ALCOSAN: Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
Located along the Ohio River on Pittsburgh’s Northside, the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) provides wastewater treatment services to 83 communities including the City of Pittsburgh.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPA leads the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts through development and enforcement of regulations, offering financial assistance, performing environmental research, sponsoring voluntary partnerships and programs, furthering environmental education, and publishing information.
Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
PA One Call is a service company dedicated to minimizing utility service interruptions, reducing on the job injuries and deaths, promoting a higher level of public safety and protecting the environment.
Allegheny County Health Department
It is our mission "To assure quality public health services by promoting individual and community wellness, preventing injury, illness and premature death or disability, and protecting the population from harmful effects of chemical, biological and physical hazards within the environment." Responsible for On-Lot Sewage Systems (Septic Systems)
Pennsylvania American Water (PAWC)
In Pennsylvania we serve approximately 2.1 million people, in more than 370 communities, supplying high quality water and wastewater service. We abide by regulations, invest in our vast infrastructure, develop industry innovations, educate our customers on wise water use, and help out where we can in our cities and towns.
Allegheny County Economic Development
Emergency/Priority Loans & General Improvement Loans - Must Meet Eligibility Requirements to Qualify. Click on the link or call Allegheny Home Improvement Loan Program at 412-350-6337 or 412-350-1043.
Collier Township
The municipal government of Collier Township provides a variety of public health, safety and community development services.
2418 HILLTOP ROAD • SUITE 200 • PRESTO, PENNSYLVANIA 15142 • PHONE: (412) 279-4941  • FAX: (412) 278-2001