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Collier Township Municipal Authority’s Code Manual
Additional Information
Sewer Billing Information

Sewer Billing Information

Uploaded "Sewer Billing Info" Documents

PDF 06/01/15 Can I Get Credit For Filling My Swimming Pool
Can I get Credit for filling my swimming pool? No, County and State rules require that swimming pool water, when discharged, should be routed to your sanitary sewer. Therefore, water used to fill the pool is presumed to ultimately be discharged to the sanitary sewer. The following article provides additional information: DEP REMINDS POOL OWNERS ABOUT WASTEWATER RULES

PDF 03/05/15 Sewer Bill Payment Information
Our office no longer accepts any payments in office. You will now be able to pay your sewer bill online by credit card or telecheck by visiting the weblink below. https://www.diversifiedbillpay.com/v1/collier/ or by calling (877) 822-0967, please make sure to have your account number, billing zip code and credit card. Thank you. CTMA

PDF 01/08/15 Sewer Rates for 2015
Collier Township Municipal Authority 2015 Sewer Rates

PDF 01/01/15 Leak Credit Request Procedure

PDF 09/05/14 ACH Application Form
Please complete this form if you wish to have your sewage bill payment taken directly from your bank account by Automatic Cash Transfer, date and sign the form, and mail completed form with your voided check to our office at CTMA, 2418 Hilltop Road, Suite 200, Presto, PA 15142. The payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date each month.

PDF 09/05/14 Landlord Property Owner Info
Collier Township Municipal Authority ~ Landlord Property Owners Attention Property Owners who currently rent or lease! If you own property that you rent or lease, CTMA will bill the owner of the property for the service address instead of your tenant. The owner of the property is the person(s) legally responsible for the payment of the sewer bill. Non-payment of the sewer bill will result in a Municipal Lien being filed against your property. In order to make certain that you receive a bill for the sewer service for your rental property, it is neccessary that you register your rental property with CTMA otherwise you may not receive notice of your property being liened or of the water service being terminated, therefore; Please download the "Landlord Agreement Form", complete all information and mail to our office. Upon receipt we will set-up your account accordingly.

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